there’s a story behind every image…read on for the story behind this one!

It’s not a coincidence that time spent in nature is so universally recommended to calm the mind, refresh the spirit, and soothe the soul. No matter what our life experiences, every one of us has a shared connection to the natural world - and it only takes a moment to notice…

So that’s what I find myself doing, picking up my camera and capturing moments of connection, wherever I find them!

That moment when the sun feels so warm or the breeze feels so cool or the curious bird looks you right in the eye…When the winter world stands still or the morning light peeks over the horizon or you realize that tiny piece of sea glass is heart-shaped. Even in the most familiar places and the most ordinary scenes - no matter how many times you’ve looked, there’s always something more to discover.

So many moments, just waiting to be frozen in pixel-form to share with others - and each one with a story to tell.

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So, here’s the story: I had just dropped my teenage son off at an internship with a shellfish research facility along the coast of Maine. I suddenly realized how surreal the view had become. Shreds of fog were retreating from the warming sun, leaving a bright seascape on one side to fade into a misty horizon on the other. It was irresistible. I clambered down the pink granite boulders, getting low to the surface of the water, mesmerized by the way the blue ripples faded into pale mist, which faded back into blue sky above. I photographed, I videoed, enjoying the undulating reflections and gentle lapping sounds, pondering the way upside-down and rightside-up blended into rebellion against human categorization.

And as I was all absorbed in this moment, my husband captured a moment of his own, chuckling at the sight of his wife, once again, chasing life with a lens!

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